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my mom and dad divorced 10 years ago and spend half my time at my moms and half my time at my dads, and basically i totally hate my father, after my mom moved out to my grandparents i was left to live with my dad for a while and i hated it because i felt like i hardly knew him because he was always working, he is a totally useless parent, i am currently trying to find work, and he is not supportive at all, he would rather that i was at home with him all the time, I hardly speak to him at all because when around when my mom left, whenever i spoke i got shouted at for whatever i said to him, he's threatened to kill himself, and secretly, i hope he does it so he is gone from my life because i havnt got the courage to tell him he is pathetic and is ruining my life, im 21 and hate my self because im scared tell him how i truly feel

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  • Dont tell him, he would probably kill himself cuz youre the only one in his life and if you do you will surely regret it

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