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My sister is kept failing on her relationship, i dont know why it happend but i feel pity for her, she deserved a good man to make her happy. Because of that I've some kind made a promise to myself that no matter how or what, I'm not going to get married or be in any relationship until she can settle down and have someone by her side. Btw, my sister is fine by herself, got career and house and lots of cats pet to keep her company. But seeing her failing in love make me sad and it traumatized me in some way. I myself was unsure if I were to start a relationship with other guy. My colleague even tried to set me up with a guy from other department at my workplace which make me wonder do I need to? I don't think that much. But he is a nice guy, sadly we hardly know each other. My life also a pity.

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  • You shouldn't have to stop living your life just to be fair to your sister. You should be living your own life and no-one elses. Your sister will meet the right person eventually, but that shouldn't stop you from looking yourself.

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