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Just a little heads up for every teacher out there. If you have a student who is very calm and polite but barely sais anything in class (and has bad grades), don´t piss him off. I was one of those students and I swear to you, I coulve gone badshit insane from knocking you straight out to piss on your dead body just because you said something. I don´t want to defend lazy people who dont work and dont do homework, but there are some students out there you should leave alone for the sake of your own safety. (In my case my teacher yelled at me because "my homework was shit". I just packed my stuff and wanted to leave the classroom and she continued "you cant leave now I´m the one who ends class" and I just yelled at her on top of my lungs [I can have a really penetrating loud voice; a bit like Hitler :$ but just the voice] " And I´m the one who ends your fucking live if i wanted to".I know I coudlve her massacred in seconds but I have gathered to much self disciplin in the years. She just went pale as a ghost sat down and I left and never came to school back again. It was the 27th Nov. 2013 since this day i wasnt depressed anymore. My teachers picked on me since the first year I went to school. I have every reason to hate teachers. (Oh and by the way, since this precise day I can sleep in the dark without a blanket... weird thing) Thanks for reading, love you guys :´)

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  • I know a three year old who also can't control her temper. Maybe you need a time out

  • DUDE... you are Einstein material... EPIC

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