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I met this guy through my ex boyfriend and became really good friends with him and his mother and dad they treated me like I was their daughter. When me and my ex broke up they took my side and I've been friends with them ever since. But the guy was in a relationship with this horrible woman and we had always kind of flirted with each other, we started having sex and we had been doing it for 2years and she never found out, I feel shitty about it , but at the same time I'm in love with him, I haven't slept with him in over a year and I'm trying to distance myself from him, but at the same time I don't want to but I also don't want to break up him and his gf

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  • Decide if you want to be his girlfriend or his mistress and make him choose. If you're writing about it on the net you probably can't stand the current situation any longer.

  • Tell him how you feel, and go for it.

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