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I'm a Bisexual female and I am a Christian and I really want to have sexual relations with a girl without being damned to hell.

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  • The bible doesn't have one word against woman-on-woman. Only men can't be with other men (unless they're eunuchs. Then it's ok)

  • do take into mind a lot of the bible needs to be taken with a pinch of salt after all the bible as it is wasn't put together until around 300 ad so a lot of the book will have been twisted and misrecorded never mind the fact that a lot of the books were tweeked and parts removed and added to make it fit after all in the full book of matthew theres a bit that speaks of jesus only just having escaped the killing of each first born son (bearing in mind he was 2 at this point) taming a dragon that he encountered in the mountains where he was hiding with his mother...so no all of it is strictly true and may contain a lot of indescrepencies like that or may convey false meanings

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