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I wish there had been better teachers at my school when I was growing up. I know it isn't easy to deal with 40+ kids but at a young age I didn't know what was at stake, how important it was to pay attention. I never had a teacher that made me feel motivated towards learning.

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  • i'm not saying teachers shouldnt be better at their jobs or more caring, but as a teacher, you have no idea of the conditions we have to work under sometimes, the worst salary you can even imagine, while struggling to pay rent , bills and the rest. sometimes they send us to teach at remote schools far away from everything we know and used to. then comes the school: underfunded, no material or supplies, over crowded classes, annoying non understanding parents. sometimes i get so tired overwhelmed and frustrated, i feel my lif is stuck at this one level forever. then i walk in class and see their little faces and bright eyes, and i say to myself it's not their fault i have to cheer up and my best. but most teachers just give up and let the bitterness sink in

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