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Its 4 am, tomorrow I'll get back an assignment I most likely have failed because I was lazy as fuck and procrastinated until the night before the dead line. My ERASMUS scholarship depends on that assignment. The worst thing about it is that I'm widely considered an intelligent guy (so I do, to be honest) and it will kill me everytime I'll have to tell somebody... Although I don't drink regulary, I bought a bottle of wodka and I seriously think about getting really drunk as soon as I get back the assignment... I could really use some comforting words now.

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  • I'm with you in that boat, graduated as a National Merit Scholar and had AP credits that basically had me starting college as a sophomore. But the motivation for school is gone, I'm not burned out it just doesn't seem worth it. My tip find what you like and try to fit what your good at into that.

  • (OP) I passed :) Love you all, my fellow confessters... and thank you for the comfortung words!

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