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I'm getting really fed up with atheists who want to change my beliefs. Seriously. You don't believe in God. I do. Now stop trying to shove your anti-theism up my ass, because you can't prove your point, and I can't prove mine. That's fine if you don't have the same beliefs as me. But you should fucking know that shouting in my face "GOD ISN'T REAL AND YOU ARE STUPID FOR THINKING HE IS." isn't going to gain you any sympathy, or even make me consider anything you say.

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  • Ok you have found the atheist who make all others look bad, the atheist who have shoved this shit in your face are stupid. A true atheist is 99% sure there isn't a god but believe that there is the possibility that there could be one. We are open minded to the ideal and if you don't shove your proof that there is a god, we won't shove our proof that their isn't one based upon the fact that there isn't enough proof to prove or disprove. It's just like when people say there are aliens, we don't have enough evidence to prove or disprove. We are good people, don't let a few fools change that.

  • just remind them that if they are atheist the probably believe it is science that is correct and with that being the case point out to them that science is about the acceptance of all ideas no matter how unlikely until they can be disproven (plus in a final note nothing in science says a god(s) does not or has not existed

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