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I was the broken one, but then you fixed me. You made me a better person. You made me want to wake up every morning just to see you. But you broke me again. I will live the rest of my life knowing that you were the one that got away. If things were different, you would be mine. But let’s face it; nothing goes our way. I played through our conversations over and over (both real and imaginary) and no matter how small the conversation was, or how insignificant to you it may seem it always made me go to sleep with a smile on my face. Just know that I hope you and your girlfriend end up to be as happy as possible, and that I’ll always be lingering in the background of your life ready to help with anything. I'd rather be in pain than to see you suffer. I'm selfish and want you to myself. And I know you'll hurt me but I refuse to let you go. No matter how much I try I can’t seem to leave you. As much at it will hurt me in the end I’ll still stay by your side.I love you. I dream of being with you, and I'd sacrifice my soul for your well-being. Unfortunately you don't feel the same way.I gave you my number and you said you'd call. You never did. i don't know how to get closer to you and i was waiting for you to make the first move bc i already look clingy. You're uninterested and it hurts. Every conversation we had I felt like I was getting closer to you, but you thought of it differently. I'm an illusionist of my own emotions. I'm sick of it. I can't bare it anymore. I've been hurt multiple times before but it has never been this deep. As much as I want to be immersed in your life, I have to stand behind and watch you, with a pleasant smile and a Hi. I feel rejected, wounded and in pain all the time, and the feeling is unbearable. So this is Good-bye.

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