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Yesterday i was feeling ill and was having a little bit of trouble breathing correctly but it wasnt anything major, this lasted for the whole day, at night before i fell asleep i was reading a book about a platoon of british snipers in Iraq. i found it difficult fall asleep because of the breathing problem, eventually i did fall asleep but kept waking up multiple times each time i fell asleep i would dream that i was a part of the sniper platoon that i had been reading about, i dont know whether it was because of the lack of sleep and being half conscious or because of the possible slight decrease in oxygen to my brain from the breathing difficulty, but i was totally and completely convinced that i was a member of this sniper platoon and was getting involved in contacts between Iraqi rebels, i eventually fell asleep and when i woke in the morning it took me around half an hour to realize that the sniper situation wasnt real and that it was just a dream, it totally freaked me out!

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  • crazy story... all the best to you!

  • the holding breath for the shot makes it so much weirder, i never thought of that, Also it gave me a tiny little insight in to how soldiers coming back after war/battle feel

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