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So, there's that guy who lives in another city, but he's attending my city's schoold (btw I moved here last August) and I really love him and I think he knows it, he somehow found out. And I also hang out with his best friend and today he (the guy I love) told me that I'm on his kinda "clique" (I don't know how to say this exactly) and suggested me going to the beach all together in the summer and I want to, because we'll hang out and spend time together, but in the same time I don't want to because I'm fat and only 2 friends of mine have seen me in my swimsuit and I don't want him to, I have huge issues with my body. And I have absolutely no idea what to do!! Pleeeease, internet strangers, help!!! My stomach aches, it's like someone tied it a knot. I can't cry anymore even if I want and try to!!

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  • what am I supposed to do?? go to the beach with them or not?

  • No matter how you look like, someone who love you will accept you ans love you thé way you are. Im sûre you are beautiful and a confident woman is more attractive than a skinny one. I am a girls with overweight and i never had problem to be un a relationship! Good Luck

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