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Everybody think's that i'm not virgin, but the true is that i am, i been in relationships but i never felt safe and really in love, i don't think that i'm waiting for the one, i just waiting for some that really love me and of course that i really love.

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  • well in a way, you are indeed waiting for "the one", and there is nothing to be ashamed of, i'm a virgin too, and i think you don't have to rush it, noone would suspect that i didn't even had a real relationship in my life, and you know what? i don't care, i'm the type of guy who thinks it has to be someone special, and it should be an act of love and passion, and most times people laugh at me for this, because i'm a guy, so you are certainly not alone with this, but as i said, there is nothing to be ashamed of, actually you can be proud of yourself, because you think before you act... thats rare nowadays ;) so long, Loner

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