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Im only 19 and ive settled to be nothing in my life, ive no idea what to do with myself. working in a shit job that pays for nothing and the only thing im able to do that I enjoy, my best friend is slowly taking it over, theres nothing I can do, ive no confidence to go out and find a better job, ive no goals or anything, what do I do? ive been looking for a hobby or a talent for as long as i can remember and havnt found it.

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  • My second cousin sounds a little bit like you. He had no idea what he wanted to do and for several years sold toilet paper for a living. One day he decided to quite his job and tour the world, and it was working in a part time job at London Zoo that he found a passion for animals. A few years later he is back in is home country working in a job he loves with a wife and two kids. So in the end don't worry, you may be lost for now but if you never give up hope you will find your way.

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