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I absolutely hate stupidity, ignorance and the lack of common-sense. It`s becoming difficult to me to go out and interract with people because most of them are stupid and it pisses me off. If I see your car parked on the bycicle lane, I assume you are a self-centered asshole with no regard to regulations and common-sense. And it pisses me off. If I`m driving straight ahead in my lane and you cut me off, I`ll assume you are stupid, self-centered and with no respect to regulations and I hope you drive your car in the first wall. If you bring your 4yo child to a movie he cannot possibly understand and you keep talking during the movie because you have to explain it to him, I`ll assume you are self-centered and with no respect towards others. If I`m half-way through a crosswalk and you violently brake because you were speeding and then you`re still the one to yell, I`ll asume you are an idiotic asshole. If I`m riding my bike on the bike-lane and you`re coming from the opposite direction and you see me and you don`t get out of my lane, I`m going to assume you are stupid and with no common-sense. Most likely, I won`t break either. Why should I break? You are walking on foot on the bike-lane, I`m riding a bike on a bike lane. Which one of us has the right to use the bike lane?

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  • I'm sorry sir but your a bit of an asshole that has nothing better to do but complain tf you think this is?? People arnt trying to satisfy some random ass guy they don't care for

  • Dude chill out there's bigger things to care about

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