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I lack confidence, since I was a child. Now at age of 23 I still lack it though I am trying my best to change everything to have it. I am a late bloomer, and receiving compliments from people made me so happy. But looking at fashionable girls makes me sad again, I wish I can have the same confidence to flaunt may legs which I am too shy, or dress a bit sexy... Which I can't since my parents are too strict. Uggh.. Now I am sad again and confused.

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  • My confidence drops whenever I'm around new people. I only know how to be myself and that's all I can do, be my quiet self enjoying life on my own. I wear shorts in the pouring rain, yet I wear trousers in the sun. You are a blank canvas for you to express yourself with, be unique in your fashion, and you will truly shine.

  • lack of confidence? check, not confident eough to be msyself? ceck... i always try to fake my confidence, sometimes it really works, and sometimes not, in my case it comes from my childhood, no "strict" parents, but my stepfather was abusive and talked to me like i was a piece of shit, so it's different from your story, but in a way also the same, i can just say to you, try to fake your confidence for a while, and you will see how it works for you, for me it's challenging but as i said, it works sometimes and then it can be really funny to know me :D and dressing sexy.. for yourself or for guys? as a guy i can say, "Sexy" can be boring, try adventurous, show something, like your shoulders and your neck, maybe a bit tight, and Highlight it with a necklace or something, it has to be space for imagination in my opinion ;) it all depents of course on how strict your parents are, and how much you can allow yourself, maybe you should also think about moving.. so you can live your life in your own way :) so long, Loner

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