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My parents split up after 25 years of marriage because my mother had an affair. Actually, she is still together with him. I am staying at home with my father, my big sister and brother have both moved out. So I'm the only one there and I feel like I'm only a replacement for my mother. I have to do all the work in the hose, do the laundry and help cooking. i do that, even though I am very occupied with school. But today I realized that my father really doesn't care about me at all. I tell him things that are important for me - and the next day he doesn't even remember. The sad thing is that I realized that I have no one to open up to. I feel like I'm just alone and only good eough for the people around me to load their crap on me. Or for helping them.

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  • i would move out

  • though my parents are still happily together

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