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my 21st brithday is coming and there is no party. I feel sad, i know it selfish because my parents are not really well off but i have missed quiet a few birthdays and never have i made a big deal about it. All i want is just to have a nice party with my friends in a club and it hurts me when i parents say no. even tho i working i cant even use my own money becasue i have to support my family

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  • In my opinion do it,celebrate your birthday. You only get these opportunities once, so don't waste it. Clearly you deserve to take one for yourself after helping your parents financially, and as someone has already said there are so many cost effective ways of celebrating. The importance of friends is not to be underestimated and you risk alienating yourself if you don't share significant parts of your life.

  • cheers dude, i never ever had a birthday party, but i saved enough to have a kickass 30 bday, im really pumped about it

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