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I've never felt nothing in the world like the before. Soon a year i am in a relationship with him. I supposed to be happy at the beginning. But now i just want to quit my job, my feelings for him and myself. I lied at him for a while, but i never cheated on him. And now i feel like, i love someone who i never met before. He changed from an angel to the devil. And this just because of me. Just because i lied to him. His words are like knifes in my heart. He changed from a handsome man to a heartless egotist. I can't do this anymore. For the first time i dont know what to do. I love him. But my heart is broken in thousand pieces. I cant quit with him, but if i still beeing his girlfriend, one day im going to kill myself. He treats me like a fucking piece of shit. His words and his doings are incredibly hurtfull.. i cant even cry anymore. All i wanted was to be happy with someone who i love. But god left me..

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  • You need to break off this relationship. Find a safe place, and break things off.

  • That's what you get for being a piece of shit liar. You made your bed so now you get to sleep in it

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