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I'm a 33 year old unemployed virgin living in my parents' basement. Despite a bachelor's degree, I can't even get a job washing dishes or unloading trucks, and I've been looking for months. My various mental health issues make me miserable and unable to support myself at all. I almost never leave the house, and I have very few friends, none of which are datable. I can't afford to go to bars. Online dating is a wash, because I'm so shy I can barely say hi to anyone, and I can't write a good profile because I can't think of anything good to say about myself. All I want is a job I can sustain myself on that doesn't make me have a panic attack and a girlfriend, but apparently that's out of my reach.

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  • I killed a couple people back in the 70s. I was kinda disappointed when nobody found the bodies. Two of their families never even listed them as missing. #Somepeople

  • I won't lie and say I know or understand. I won't lie and say that things will get better. but I will say the truth, no matter how you think you are, your'e an amazing person. You're alive. Every breath is a miracle. The worst that can happen is you say, "That didn't work out." The best thing you can FEEL, is ecstasy of accomplishment that drove you passed all self doubt. Though idk if you are a man or a woman, though idk if we will ever meet, though idk what you have or will do. I love you, and many people who may never meet you as well will say. Carry on, friend.

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