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whenever i feel down i write, i'm not particularly good nor do i share my stories but i still write, over the years i've written many stories from comic book hero type things to dark and sadistic murder tales, i still have every single one and i am the only to have read them, i dare not share them because of the gruesome and rather disturbing content

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  • call them 'nightmares' publish them on createspace and see if it goes anywhere. or not. I might not be here.

  • I have a stash of songs I've written with my guitar when I've been feeling down, and like your stories, they have not been seen by anyone other than me. My songs are not disturbing like your stories, but are instead tragic tales of love that couldn't be. I'm not the best musician or lyricist, but I write these songs for comfort. Keep writing them and you'll cheer up whenever you feel down, you've found your sanctuary.

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