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Everyone has this one high guy in their class right? Usually silent and also skips lots of classes. U got anyone in mind? Well i used to be one of these guys and theres probably a good reason why hes high or skipping classes. Try to talk to the person you have in mind now, because i sure wish someone had done that with me.

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  • I am the guy

  • dude i'm that guy right now.. not silent but still... the only people that really try to understand me are my bros, the people that i hang out all the time with and smoke with too. every other person that knows me in that god forsaken school is either silently judging mine and my friends' actions or downright criticizing them in front of the class when we are away because they are not men enough to talk straight to us... instead they gossip about us in the classroom smh. thank god it's the last year of high school

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