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I lost a very good job about a month ago because I was arrested for domestic violence... I am a mother of the most amazing two year old. I enjoy him and only him in life. But, since I lost my job I have been unable to leave my verbally and physically abusive husband. The job I landed I waited five years for. I have always been a go getter. I now take any pills I can get t e ret my hands on and abuse my prescription for narcotics. I have an actual medical need for them but I am now abusing the after being sober for 5 years. I abuse drinking anything I can get my hands on too. I hate who I abuse mm and I hate my husband's family they are nothing like mine. I grew up in a problematic family but his takes the cake. I'm lost depression is worse everyday and I will never find a way out.

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  • Nobody likes a violent junkie

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