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I will get over you. No, really, I will! Yes, I love you, yes I would wanna be with you again. But since you don't want to, I WILL GET OVER YOU. I will stop crying all the time. I will stop being sad. I will stop staying inside just to think about you and hurt. I will go out, flirt, find someone better than you. I will ignore you so much that you'll come back to beg me to be with you and love you again. And even if I don't succeed that, who cares, I will have been over you by that time! And if ever forget about this decision and start being weak and missing you again, I will take a look at this confession and gain strength! Goodbye dear!

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  • True words, i hope i can make it too

  • "You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you"

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