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i hate how my brain works when it comes to guy, i'm not saying that i pursue drop dead gorgeous men, but i dare to dream of handsome man once and a while. i'm pretty and i wish sometimes for a handsome man, shallow bitch right? anyways, handsome man never go after me because i'm the natural sort of beauty i don't put on makeup , heels and dresses and all of that. on the other hand men who fall for me are a little lower than the physical standards i had in mind, but god they are the sweetest most gentle and caring ever, i mean they treat a girl like a princess, so i decided to be with one of the sweetest men, but i hate that nagging voice in my head that he is not handsome enough, i hate myself for even thinking that

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  • You know what your problem is? You want a handsome, SMART man. If he`s a handsome, not-so-bright man, most likely he`ll be aware of his looks and the not-so-bright part of him will also make him arrogant. I hate arrogant, self-centered guys. Also, handsome, arrogant guys go for high-heels-push-ups-fake-lashes type of girls because they want to show them off. "I`m the man, look at this piece of ass I`ve got". Chances of finding a handsome, smart guy who is also available are pretty slim. Focus on a kinda cute, kinda hot, kinda sexy, hysterically funny, but not funny-looking guy who you could fuck. (Death Proof, loved the movie, Tarantino is a genius)

  • If he cares for you and treats you right give him a chance... Don't let a good and sure thing go... If you do you will regret it for ever... What if you find the type of guy you want but he is a douche... After a while his looks will not matter

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