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My family is pretty famous. Not in the sense you'd know them if you're across the world but in this tiny town, sure. My dad is religious, lives for community service. We went across the country and a few people knew him. My brothers are both singers and actors. One of them has their own band. My twin, she's smart, really smart. To the point where she could do college homework. Me? I happen to be the mess up. I have a dark splotch on my cheek to prove it. No one knows. My dad gets a little abusive when he's mad at me. My brother molested me. My sister locked me in a trunk. Maybe that's why I isolate myself from them.

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  • You don't need people arround you who do stuff like that to you so distance yourself from them as far as you can. Isolating yourself isn't good either try looking for some friends you can talk to.

  • You sound like your family's scapegoat. You should keep yourself as far away from them as possible.

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