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I have the problem with a girl at my school i went to UK with her on a school trip and ended up talking to her whole lot, which meant i kind a fell for her and she already has a boyfriend.. she always says Hello to me and smile at me, keep trying to get attention.. Since she has a boyfriend i dont want me make a move.. i feel like such a p**sy am i wrong for not flirting with her? She's really amazing, totally off mainstream and gorgeous..

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  • Flirting isn't Flirting everytime.... you are just obhective, and want to make a compliment, it can sound flirty of course,, but it depends on the view, she has a bf, so be nice to her, talk with her "flirt" with her, maybe if you are lucky, you will get your chance, if not, then you have a good friend, but you have to control your feelings, it is easier said then done that is sure, but maybe and it is a big maybe, she waits just for you... and if you ever get the feeling that she plays with you, get away from her, i was there, and it was horrible.. but in the end, i hope you get your chance ;) so long, Loner

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