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When I went to residental school a few years ago my brother told me in an arguement that I'm just there because my familiy doesnt want me with them, I know he doesnt really mean it but i can't get it out of my head, everytime i feel lonely i think about that, noone else knows about that

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  • I assure you that unloved unwanted children go to public schools. Your family just has trouble expressing their emotions regarding the seperation. Boarding school is a ridiculously expensive hardship for any family to absorb but is your best bet for a quality education. Try expressing your gratitude for the opportunity that 95% of children will never have at the same time you tell them that you have been feeling isolated and abandoned. These are normal feelings for anyone to have when they have to leave their home. I assure you that your family will be sympathetic to your emotional distress and likely are suffering from their own loss.

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