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I was abused by my brothers friends for. 2 years. And I don't even blame him but I do.. and then i got in 8th grade people would call me a slut and i just wish i could tell them im not and that i never did stuff with a guy by choice. me ever since I started being permiscuos.. so when someone asked if iv done something I didn't have to to think of my brothers friends... I'm in high school can't even maintain a relationship with a guydue to trust issues.

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  • Yeah most guys aren't assholes like that. All you need is someone who really cares about you. As the other comment said your worth way more than that.

  • Please talk to someone about this. Go and talk to your school counselor or someone who is in a position to truly assist you in this. These things tend to build up and continue to influence your life negatively. You deserve so much more.

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