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I don`t really understand my girlfriend. She`s usually so funny and witty and caring but when we disagree and she feels I`m cornering her, she answers back with an anger and a sparkle in her eyes that makes me take 2 steps back. Where`s that coming from? We can`t even argue properly. With her, nothing is ever black or white, there`s always several shades of grey. She`s really smart and well-educated and since her vocabulary is larger than mine, we usually don`t communicate properly because she says the message I`m trying to send it`s not what actually gets sent, because of the words I use. But I can`t help it if a word has one meaning for me but it has several meanings for her and the message gets distorted. She`s always listening not only to what you`re saying, but also how you`re saying it. She says it`s not only the idea that matters, but the words one chooses to use to express it. She`s really talkative but I get the feeling she`s not actually saying what`s on her mind..And her mind is a deep abyss. I can see it in her eyes that she`s always thinking or analyzing someting and telling me her conclussion from a psychological point of view. It`s like she understand perfectly each and every situation from every party`s point of view. It`s one of the reasons she usually refuses to take sides, because she says she can`t completely agree with either side. It`s like living with a hot Freud. I can never tell her anything else but the complete truth. She always knows when I`m leaving something out of the story, she says it`s because of her flawless intuition coupled with her skills in deductive reasoning. Man, she can connect the dots in a story like a motherfucker! (this is a compliment, I would never insult her, but it`s one of the reasons why I hate playing "Black Stories" with her). I love her with all my heart and we get along perfectly (when we`re not in a communication-disagreement) but sometimes I think I bit on more than I can chew..

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  • Wow sounds like me! :D lol, well not all, but girls tend to analyze stuff, you know as they say, we can remember every detail you guys did/do to us. Honestly Idk but I am like that with my bf sometimes... I watch how he talk when we argue, or listen to him on how he delivers the word he says on cellphone. Forgive us! on behalf of the girls like your gf and me. But maybe there is a reason though? a past? an ex? or you did something that's why she became like that. Well whatever it is... you are not alone, suffering with that kind of gf. :P

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