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i cry and nag about how no guy ever falls for me and how i end up always just a friend, then one guy falls for me and i freak out, start finding excuses to run away, and don't know what to do. it sucks, probably because through all my teen years and all my life i never had a boyfriend, now i'm thirty and the thought of someone really falling for me really scares me, im a broken mess

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  • Sounds like you aren't emotionally mature enough to handle a romantic relationship right now. Work out your problems and get back into that dating pool!

  • TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL. Even though it may sound scarier than just hiding it. You wont have good time if you dont communicate with eachother.. That is what are relationships about. To have someone who you can talk about whats bothering you, who can support you (and vice versa) I know it sounds terrifying or like you don't want to burden them, but that is how you build trust. You can start by saing that you never were in relationship and you dont know what to do sometimes. It is a minor thing, wont freak out anyone if thats what you are worried about. See how he reacts to that. If he takes it well just say what you wrote here, hope this helps :)

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