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One day i'll let my feeling build up too much. I never show any negative emotions other than a little anger. and that one day, i'll burst out i tears and never stop. I'm scared of that day. But what i'm most scared about is, that there might be no-one at my side to rescue me. Cause i will drawn!

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  • I don't know who you are ,but I wish could be there for when this time has come :( and.. Don't hold back your feelings..they,are yours ,they are real ,and it's pretty normal to get negative feelings ,show them ,everyone has them. Don't hild them back ,you'll se..you will feel free and more yourself.. I wish i could help you :/

  • Don't. Don't hold your emotions anymore. You are right it is terrifying. I've been there... But I didn't ease up and deicided when. I was holding my feelings. And honestly that holding time was the worst. When I look back at it, the day I just spent lying, crying, desperate that I was even calling out every fucking thing that could help me (like gods, and devils even though I am atheist) was a relieve. I felt free after that day. Even though I was alone. I didn't drown. And you won't. You are aware that it will be bad. It will be the worst day of your life. But after that you wont have to hold any of your feelings. And you will be fine. Hope that helps, be strong (this means face your feelings and accept then, don't hide from them. You might not find them again)

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