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I've been in love with my crush for a long time and nobody knows it. We're very good friends, but I'm not even her best friend, I know some guys who are before me on her "friends list". The more painful thing is that I just can't bear not talking to her one day and I'm angry as hell when she starts to do things like ignoring me, eating with somebody else or talking with new guys but I have to keep it for myself. Even more painful : she's not the kind of girl who texts first, and if I'm not always looking for her we can spend months without talking. I feel so bad everytime we've been arguing, and we argues a lot. Damn.

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  • If she never texts you first (just to know what you`re up to, without asking for something) and you could go months without talking unless you contact her, you`re just an expendable asset. I`m sorry to break it to you, but I`ve been in her shoes. And I liked the guys I used to hang out with but I never missed them. Their presence had no influence on my life and I didn`t care if we suddenly stopped talking. Maybe you should tone down a bit your "friendship". See if she`s willing to contact you.

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