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i think my boyfriend is cheating on me, he told me that it's all in my head (but in better words) but i still have my doubts. it's the little things he does, the little things that changed, the new girl at work he sees everyday and that occasionally goes out with the same group of people he does. i know i live far away from him and maybe he'd want someone closer and i want to believe him, i want that so bad, but i can't get over my doubts, and he's starting to notice that something's changed in me too but i'm afraid if i bring up this anymore it's gonna kill our relationship for good.

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  • "Once there is fear in a relationship its not worth it anymore " Ever heard of repairing stuff? It's like "Once I'm afraid my car breaks I'll throw it away" wtf?

  • Maybe you are wrong. My wife thought i was cheating. I never have.till you get real evidence, you are wrong

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