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My mom is not a good person. She has told me on several occasions that I shouldn't think that I am something great because I will never be anything, and it hurts my feelings

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  • You can either live up to her expectations in your own life or exceed them and "win". Choice is yours.

  • Boo-hoo, my feelings are hurt. Why do you let it get to you? I also have a troubled mother. Self-centered, egoistical and mean. She also tells me upsetting words, like I`ll never be good enough for anything. I just hear the words, understand it`s her frustrations that make her lash out on me and go on living my otherwise happy life. Having graduated Law and working a high-paying job in my field has proven she was mistaken. Stop caring what she thinks/says about you. Don`t let someone else, even if it`s family, to tell you what you`re worth. Experience has proven that parents are not always right just because they`re parents.

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