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It makes me terribly sad that my girlfriend does not give me any personal gifts. I am always very thoughtfull and i always come up with amazingly great gifts (im not bragging, ive made lots of gifts myself or put a lot of efford in finding something she would like). she gave me money for our last anniversary... the reason why: ''i wanted to buy you new jeans, but i thought it was 'too personal'.''

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  • Tell her.

  • Tell her about it. But don't make her feel guilty for not doing it. Have you ever asked her if she wants those gifts? It seems you just want to give her them. And it shouldnt pressure the other part to give you things coz its apropriate. It would feel fake. And I'm not sure you'd want that. From what you said it seems she just feels uncomfortable giving you personal gifts, or is unsure what would be best for you. Communicate.

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