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I'm a barmaid. i consider myself as hot. therefor loads of men are after me. Everyone wants to f*ck me. except my boyfriend. i love him, but this really destroys my confidence, and makes me feel low-grade.

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  • Leave him. NOW. You are worth more than that.

  • A boyfriend should never make you feel this way. If he does, 1) he's an asshole and you should dump him, you'll be happier. 2) He hadn't realised what he was doing and maybe he can try the be better - but if he hadn't realised... that's not good either. Maybe it's something else, but , to me, when you are with the right person, this means that he makes you happy, he makes you feel awesome and perfect everyday. He makes you feel loved and like you were a treasure. I couldn't stay with a man that makes me feel low-grade, it's not healthy and normal in my opinion. But, again, I know it's just my opinion :) I hope you'll get the solution!

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