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I was with my girl-friend for 2 years. we broke up for a year and we went back last week . i feel that she only got back to me because she needed someone to contain her and prevent her from becoming a slut, and she knew am the only one who could do that. i love her truly and i never stopped loving her. i dont know what to do in this relationship now.

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  • Love is such an amazing thing... And just as you put it, she should feel very lucky to be loved and protected by you. From personal experience, (backwards, since I'm a girl and he broke up with me recently), the fact that she's looking for that type of "security" she finds only with you, sucks for you but it's amazing for her because she knows that you're always there for her. I think that she should talk sincerely with you and just be fair about all... She has to be completely open about her feelings for you and why she came back, just to be sure if it's mean to be real this time! Fingers crossed for your relationship to succeed!

  • Ask you some questions: - Would you be happier without her? - Can you picturing with someone else in the future? Would it be better with someone else? - Do you think you'll ever be happy in this relationship? Listen to your answers, they'll give you the key. Hope you the best!

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