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My best friends has this kind of mental disorder.. bipolar or something like that. Sometimes she freaks out from nothing, she gets mad at me, she starts arguing out of nowhere. I'm not talking about a 15 y/o teen behavior. We are 21 booth. We are practically adults, mature and responsible people. Yesterday she had a crisis. She doesn't understand how her words hurt, or if she does, at that moment she's doing it with the purpose to hurt. She told me the most horrible things someone can tell. At night, I cry till i fall assleep. For the first time I seriously had suicidal thoughts. She isn't just a "bestfriend", she's apart of my life, one of the persons i most respect, trust and love. This mental thing is ruining her life, and mine as well.

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  • Go to hell both of you. Send her to rehab or just give her weeds that'll show her.

  • You should tell her, having a mental disorder is NEVER an excuse for being mean. If she can control herself, if it's too difficult, she can get help. It's normal and it's way more responsible than yelling at you for nothing. Try having a conversation heart to heart with her, maybe she's like drowing and she needs your help, whitout understanding how to ask. If not, you'll probably have to drift apart a bit, take time for yourself. It can help in those situations :) (I speak from experience) Be brave and I hope you and her, will get better :)

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