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Tomorrow my brother is gonna get a divorce. After 9 years of being together and have four kids, the wife filed for divorce. This matter scares me because I often question it myself... For someone to be with the other person for so long, you just wake up one morning and decided to be apart from each other. I guess because of this... I sometime don't trust my boyfriend and we're only been with each other for 5 months. I love him.. I really do.. I see the future with him in it. But this makes me have trust issues. Plus they have four kids.. Still very young.. I wonder how do they handle this matter... Im freaking out right now.

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  • This is bullshit!! This generation don't know anything about working on a relationship... they only know of throwing away and buy new ones!! work on your relationships, you know when its going bad, don't just dump the person cause he is broken, fix it and go through it together!!

  • My parents divorced after 22 years of marriage so basically, marriage doesn`t guarantee you and your partner will be together forever :) Stop having expectations. I love my boyfriend dearly, we`ve been together for a long time and we have plans for the far-future but if somehow one of us falls out of love, that`s it. I believe it`s the healthy way of thinking, as I compare myself to you, and I notice I don`t have trust issues, I don`t wonder if he finds someone more attractive, maybe I`ll be the one to be attracted to someone else. Take things as they are and stop worrying about the future because it obviously prevents you from enjoying the present.

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