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Last year, me, my boyfriend and a girl friend of his with whom he`s been friends long before we got together were supposed to leave for a mini-vaction in Spain. As my company went through a merger at the time of our departure, I wasn`t able to go on the trip. I didn`t want to be that type of girlfriend that prohibits stuff so I told my boyfriend he should go with his girl friend, E, as he was really looking forward to the trip. And they left. He always told me they were just friends and there was nothing going on between them. However, during their trip, I asked myself if they`re cheating behind my back. I told my boyfriend about my thoughts and he just thought it was "cute" that I`m jealous and proceeded in sending me pics of themselves. After they returned, I noticed that almost every time we went out, he suggested we should call her too, as she doesn`t have many friends. For a while, I was okay with it, until I noticed she had the annoying habit of inviting herself to anything we talked about. While the 3 of us were out for a coffee, my boyfriend told me we should go together to Rome, to make it up for the trip I missed. Immediately, she said "oh, Rome, I want to come too". It got on my nerves instantly. Couldn`t she tell that, usually, couples want to spend time alone, not with a third person attached to them? I started to resent her for being a hypocrite (she wouldn`t let her bf leave with another girl, but she had no problem leaving with mine. Isn`t there a rule you shouldn`t do to others want you wouldn`t want to be done to yourself?) and for always trying to participate in anything my boyfriend and I were supposed to take part. My boyfriend started to talk to her less and less (or so he tells me), as I told him I`m not okay with our triangle but because his other friends also know her, she keeps popping up. I feel I can`t escape it and I`m afraid I`ll be forced to dump my boyfriend, even though I love him, because I just want to get away from her. I don`t want to see her, I don`t want to hear talking about her. If I hear her name, I get pissed off instantly and I have to act like I don`t care. Talking about hypocrisy, she`s currently dating a guy who has a girlfriend. I think they`re both equally to blame.

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  • sorry but you are an idiot :/..... You really let them go on a trip together?

  • have a threesome

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