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Today was supposed to be our one year anniversary. Of course that didn't happen because you decided that I would no longer be a problem in ypur life. No, I can't be friends with ypu and not because I don't love ypu, because of that exact same reason I won't ever be able to be your friend, I don't want to have conversations with you about her, I don't wanna know how you give her everything you never wanted to give me, or how you are sure about everything you were never sure about when you were here with me. I will always love ypu and just know that this hurts like hell. But I always dream about you, only difference is that you never do about me.

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  • I'm sorry that your heart has been broken, just stay strong and give it time, and eventually you'll meet someone else who's better and who dreams about you every night and treats you with the respect you deserve. You need to make the first step yourself, which is to get out and meet people. but do it when you feel ready.

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