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I feel that I am truly evil yet I am always compelled to take someone under my wing. As much as I lack emotion I find that if I see an outcast I feel the need to help them. I never truly care its only as if I want to move them along. I normally feel empty but when I do these small acts its as if I feel a small spark inside of me.

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  • I recognise myself in this. I really like to help people that have difficulties and I stand up for people that are not able to do it. I like to talk to the one lonely person in a corner. They have such fascinating story's :). But it can be hard. I am now going to a therapist to get my emotions clear. But giving people support is a great thing to do :)

  • I feel like that to, maybe you are compensating for your fellings? I know i am. Keep on doing it, as long as u do that and harm no one, you are not evil.

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