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I have had 2 psychologist, and both of them had to quit after 1-2 months because they were going to have a child. I am now without one and have been for 2 months, my parents are trying to get a new one but the public ones (free ones) takes such a long time and i need one now, but my parents doesnt really want to pay for a private one even though we are very wealthy. My bestfriend who is the only one i can talk to just said to me that she is tierd of hearing me "complaining" and i am really desperate now, i feel so alone and dont know what to do. Not even a friend to talk to, i really feel like nobody cares

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  • Its obvious if u keep tokng sad n boring stuff people will eventually leave. . U dont need ny1.. just enjoy life .. yolo

  • If you would like I can give you my email, is snow.katelynn@Gmail.com, and you can lay everything on me. I need a friend also.

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