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I'm quiet and super shy. I was really nice to everyone. But people started bullying me really hardcore. I've never been one to lash out so I just took it all in and acted like I was fine. But soon I realized I was taking it out on other people. My "friends" excuse as to why everyone is treating me badly, "You've always been a ignorant person and people treat sh*t like it should be treated". So I'm nice and I'm bullied, I'm mean and I get treated like shit. I swear the world isn't the place it used to be.

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  • You need to learn how to stand your ground. Put your friend back in his place

  • It tends to happen. Sometimes you want to do something nice and people take it the wrong way or start being complete ass holes and when you stand for yourself they're even worst! But don't let it get you down, just don't worry and be happy :)

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