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I honestly dgaf about people who are suicidal or something, I once had that thinking of I should end my meaningless boring problematic life, but here I am 23 years and still breathing, I realized that instead of thinking non sense, I should make a move to change my life and stop bothering people,friends, and family about my problems. If you want to die, go ahead, because if you really want to, you would not cause a drama of some sort or have someone to stop you. Just remember, there are people who have bigger problems than you but isn't going crazy by cutting themselves, it's called GROWING UP, and living positive in life.

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  • Some people have mental illnesses which can pull them in such a direction which makes them feel as though they have no other option. That's all well and good for you that you can just snap out of it and be like oh well damn I guess I should do something with my life. But for others it's not so easy, they are stuck there and feel as though they have no way out. It isn't as simple as just changing their thoughts, they know they have irrational thoughts but they can't stop them, others have voices which tell them to hurt themselves. I think you need to be a little but more educated.

  • as long as I have to. It's what friends and family are for. You wouldn't do that for your mother? Your bestfriend? Your girlfriend? Maybe you have not as much as empathy as I do, but you can't let down someone who wants to kill himself because it's bothering you - or you can... but you might not be a very good person then..

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