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Arabic imigrants should adopt to chosen country culture instead of forcing own.

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  • I think they should recognize versus adopt the culture so they can know what is good and not. I've seen some Muslims act a certain way and I'm thinking to myself, "This is why you're stereotyped as a terrorist".

  • Any immigrant no matter where they're from should try to adapt to their new country's culture. It's part of the assimilation process - if they want to fit in, TRY; it may not be easy, but people see you're making an effort and (generally) reciprocate. That said, there's no reason whatsoever that they can't retain their own culture too - it's about being flexible and empathetic. Lastly; I've lived in a lot of multicultural communities and I've never met any immigrants who force their culture onto others. Maybe they're outspoken about it, but if you were a new immigrant, most of your stories would be about your home country too; you wouldn't have much else to talk about... yet.

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