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I hate how all my friends are going to be married, having babies and beeing at home with their partner on weekends and I'm here, all by myself, single, nothing but sleeping, while this should be the best time of my life.

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  • Please don't be sad. The other poster is right. Netflix is a great idea...what shows are you interested in? I like Heroes...ok and Transformers too. Treat yourself to a little "Me" time. Reflect. Meditate. Focus on yourself for now and that special someone will come to you.

  • You can make your own fun. without anyone else. Binge watch a series on Netflix, try a new videogame, paint a picture, go for a walk. The list is endless, and just cause everyone else is in a happy relationship, doesn't mean you have to force a relationship on yourself to feel accepted, they will probably envy you as you have less to worry about than them.

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