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I broke up with my girlfriend but we are still good friends. Well we didnt really break up but its a secret...anyway i feel like really alone and dont know what to to without her because ive spent alot tome with her during the 8 month relationship. So everytime shes doing other stuff i feel left out and unloved...what should i do to make things better for me? (We are still together on a secret. It thrills her and i have no problem with it. I know she loves me and we both feel like we belong together.)

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  • You have made her the center of your live. I had the same case, but I was in the place of your girlfriend. It's hard to be the one person responsible for the happiness of someone else. Maybe she wanted to be in a secret relationship just to breethe a little (but I'm sure she loves you!). You should try to have YOUR hobbies, your freetime. Whenever she going out, don't feel left out, you can going out too with your friends! :) Or read a book, write something, draw, do sports... You can have other interests than your girlfriend :)

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