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I think pedophilia at some point should be socially acceptable. I mean look at what 12yo girls are wearing these days! These girls, their parents and society are basically asking for pedophilia. Of course its a complete different story when the man is much and much older, but seriously, its disgusting what KIDS (because youre not a teenager when youre 12) are wearing these days

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  • Parents should be more careful about how they raise their kids. But that never ever justifies a pedo! EVER! Its like saying if she wears a short skirt its okay to rape her. Get your head out of your ass man! If it was your daughter would you have been okay with a pedo rationalising that she's wearing this and that so its okay? HELL NO!

  • Not sure wear you live, but not every young child is wearing inappropriate things and acting out in a sexual nature. In today's society parents need to set a good example for their kids and teach them how to be appropriate, or jerks like you will go on saying "That 12 year old girl was walking home from the pool in a binki without her parents so she was just asking to be kidnapped and raped!" Young girls who dress inappropriately are looking for love and acceptance, and don't understand the reality of the wrong kinds of attention they might receive, they need better role models not a society that makes pedophilia acceptable and easier for them to be victimized!

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