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Not so long ago I used to cut myself. I did it every time I felt stupid and worthless or made a huge mistake(which was very usual). I felt like if every cut was how I felt damaged by a person in my soul and until the wound healed I wouldn't feel better. My best friend helped me to stop and I'm very thankful for that. Now I can only see dim scars. But the thing is that there is a lot of pressure around me and I feel like I'm doing everything wrong so I have this huge urge to start again. I don't want to, but those who have experienced the same thing as me know how tempting it is sometimes. Please help me. I want to be happy again.

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  • For me the thing with the rubber band helps alot. You also can put icecubes on your skin till it starts to burn a bit. Another thing is to take a red pen and draw red lines on your body. Sometimes those things could help me. Right now I´m in the same situation as you are but I just try to keep myself busy and surrounded by people. Beeing alone is the worst thing you can do now!

  • Dont care and think to much just try to feel the life LOVE yourself Care for your self be H.A.P.PY !!!

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